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Kia Doesn’t Have a Convertible Because of China’s Air Pollution Problem

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Kia A1A Optima SEMA Concept Car

Kia’s A1A Optima convertible was inspired by Florida’s A1A highway

When Kia introduced a sassy, topless 2016 Optima at the SEMA Show in November, the response was overwhelmingly positive. This caused a lot of people to ask just why the Korean carmaker doesn’t have a convertible in its repertoire.

Turns out, it’s China’s fault.

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A spokesperson for Kia recently suggested that Kia doesn’t have a convertible in its lineup because of China’s air pollution. The source went on, saying, “The pollution from China, which is only about [124 miles] away, is so bad that some days you wouldn’t want to drive with the roof off.”

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Currently, China’s pollution problem is continuing to grow. In fact, back in September, people in Beijing were freaking out because they could actually see blue skies for once. So, it’s completely understandable why this air pollution might affect Kia’s decision to offer a convertible model. Convertible sales are extremely low in South Korea, so it just makes sense. But what about the United States and other export markets?

Well, according to this source, a convertible has been considered for other markets. The only problem? These thoughts have yet to become a reality. Hopefully, they will soon!

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