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Kia Electric Bikes. Yep. Kia is Now Making Electric Bikes.

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Kia electric bikesKia is getting back to its roots and has revealed its plan to manufacture bikes. That’s right, bikes. Kia began in 1944 as a bicycle producer, and went so far as to become Korea’s first mass producer of bicycles before growing into the automotive manufacturer it is today. Who knew?

Kia recently showed off two of its prototype electric bikes at the Geneva Motor Show, with the brand name Kia Electric Bicycle (KEB).  The Kia electric bikes are considered to be ‘pedelec’, meaning they can be pedaled and powered electrically, one being a city bike and the other a mountain bike.

Not only are the bikes themselves innovative, but the fashion in which Kia plans to build and manufacture them will be innovative. The bikes originated from Kia’s Namyang Research & Development Centre in Korea, where an advanced metal stamping technology and robotic automated welding process were used.  The process allows for Kia to choose from a variety of materials, quality control, a more simple and cheaper manufacturing process, and design freedom.

Kia electric bikes

Both the city and the mountain bike use a 250 watt hub motor and 36 volt, 10 amp lithium-ion polymer battery pack, which can be removed for charging. The bikes can get moving up to 15.5 mph and have a 25 mile range.  The Kia electric bikes are sleek and seem pretty darn practical for getting around the city or heading into the mountains for a weekend ride.

What do you think? Are electric bikes the wave of the future?