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Kia European Sales Continue to Grow, Set New Records

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Kia European sales have increased, setting a new record and establishing Kia in the competitive European market

Kia is starting to take over the world. The South Korean carmaker is already a huge hit in the American automotive market, also making a significant impression across the continent of Asia. Now, Kia European sales show that the brand is more popular than ever before in European markets.

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The brand’s year-over-year growth grew to 7.6% after recording its best-ever quarterly and half-year sales in the company’s history. During the first half of 2015, Kia sold 200,038 units in Europe, which is the best six month period ever recorded by the South Korean carmaker. Kia also broke through the 100,000 barrier for the first time in a single quarter, selling 103,946 units in the second quarter of 2015.

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“2015 to date has been a great period for Kia in Europe, with sales records tumbling and new highs reached,” said Michael Cole, Chief Operating Officer for Kia Motors Europe. “We’re delighted that Kia continues to grow, consistently and sustainably, and that an increasing number of motorists are drawn to our range of high quality, high value cars.”

With these record-breaking sales, Kia will continue making itself a household name around the world.