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Kia Green Light Project Supports Communities in Africa

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Kia Green Light Project

The Kia Green Light Project reaches out to African communities with little or no access to mobility.

We often take our mobility for granted in the United States and in other places around the globe that have easy access to transportation. Some locations, however, do not have access to the kind of mobility that we do. The Kia Green Light Project, which began in 2012, is currently working to combat this lack of mobility in Africa, one community at a time.

The first Kia Green Light Project community was Nagashanqui, Tanzania, and now boasts three educational facilities because of the kind folks at Kia—a middle school, a high school, and a daycare center. An impressive 600 students attend these three facilities. Kia has also provided three school buses to transport the children to and from these schools and the center.

Target locations like Nagashanqui initially receive either a Green Light Center or a school, depending on the most urgent needs of the community. Kia also provides vehicles like the buses in Nagashanqui not only to transport the students to schools but also to act as moving health clinics, libraries, and video education centers, with the goal of providing healthcare and additional education to people living in surrounding villages.

Kia Green Light Project

Malawi and Mozambique have also benefited from the Kia Green Light Project program. Typically, the projects end once the communities become self-reliant; the process takes around five years.

Kia Green Light Project

Kia volunteers will be making a return trip to the first project site in Nagashanqui, Tanzania, this August, as well as launching two new project initiatives in Ethiopia and other locations over the course of the next year.

Check out this moving video below to get a better sense of what the Kia Green Light Project does for these communities.