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Kia Launches Blake Griffin Staring Contest on Tumblr

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Kia Launches Blake Griffin Staring Contest on Tumblr

Gaze into the eyes of your opponent

Tumblr is a website that exists for the sole purpose of staring lustily at pictures of famous men, most of whom are either Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey Jr.  Now, Kia is using the social media site to allow one popular athlete a chance to stare back: the Korean automaker is officially challenging NBA fans to a Blake Griffin staring contest on Tumblr.

Kia Optima spokesman and Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin—or “Blink Griffin,” rather—will take you on, mano-a-mano ojo-a-ojo, in a battle to see who can maintain eye contact for the longest time without blinking. The interactive site uses webcam technology to determine if and when you blink, and Griffin himself will use his considerable skills of intimidation to try and get you to crack first.

Still image from the Blake Griffin staring contest online

Griffin in his Top Gun-esque fighter pilot persona

Truly competitive players and/or people with a lot of time on their hands can keep playing the game over and over and racking up more points for a shot at the leaderboard.

Users can pick between playing a cowboy Blake Griffin (“The Sheriff”) or a fighter pilot Blake Griffin (“Mountain Lion”). The two options are based on Griffin’s new ad campaign for Kia, in which he “improves” movies he stars in by using an Optima as his preferred method of travel.

To play the Blake Griffin staring contest, click here.