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Kia NBA All-Star MVP Voting Helped by NBA Twitter Emojis

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The Kia NBA All-Star game is coming up, which means it will soon be time to decide the All-Star MVP—and the NBA is looking to make that easier than ever before.

Kia and the NBA have teamed up to create the first-ever hashtag-triggered Twitter emjois for all 24 NBA All-Stars. When someone is ready to vote for who they believe deserves the award, all they have to do is enter #firstnamelastname. For example, an entry for Stephen Curry would be #stephencurry, while an entry for LeBron James would be #lebronjames.

These emojis are a major part of the Kia NBA All-Star MVP voting, seeing as it is the first time the fan vote will be conducted exclusively through twitter. The voting is set to begin at the start of the fourth quarter of Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game on TNT. Fans can register their MVP votes during a 30-minute window. All they need to do is tweet #KiaAllStarMVP and #firstnamelastname (of the person they are voting for) in the same tweet.

Here are the emojis for each All-Star candidate:

NBA All-Star Twitter Emojis

NBA All-Star Twitter Emojis 2

The Inside the NBA studio and game broadcast team have also received their own Twitter emojis to use during the game as it takes place in Toronto. With the exception of Shaq—because he’s just that great—these emojis are also revealed by entering #firstnamelastname. Shaq’s is simply #shaq.

Here are the emojis for the Inside the NBA team:

Inside the NBA Team Twitter Emojis

Retweets count up to 100 times in voting, and the winner of the fan vote will account for 25% of the overall vote. Click here to learn more about the voting process.

At the end of the NBA All-Star Game 2016, Kia will present the MVP Award and donate a 2016 Kia Sorento to the winner’s charity of choice.

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