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Kia Refreshes Hamster Commercials with baby Turbo Hamster

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Turbo Hamster

The newborn Turbo Hamster has just arrived to join Kia’s 8-years-running cast of veteran hamsters. Any fans of the hamster commercials will rejoice at this long-awaited refresh. The recently unleashed commercial features the maternity ward of a hospital. A nurse goes up to an empty bassinet, only to discover that the “baby” (aka Turbo Hamster) is hightailing it through the hospital. In a chase scene reminiscent of any action movie, the screen zooms in on the tiny protagonist while the confused staff and overturned objects are in the peripheral of the frame.

Just where is this fiendishly fast furry going? The focus is definitely on the Turbo Hamster itself. The determined expression of his face…the overall sense of urgency… Something must be important to lure him out of the hospital after just being born (and why is he running, anyways? shouldn’t he be in the crawling, tottering hamster baby stage still?).

The tension builds up to the very last 40 seconds of the clip. Turbo Hamster takes things to the roof where he continues his mad dash, headed toward the roof edge. Is he…suicidal? (“No, Turbo Hamster! No!!!”) The furry guy leaps from the roof with his makeshift cape parachute in tow. The hospital staff look on, mouths flung open in horror. He drifts downward to the road below. The screen vascillates between Turbo Hamster and the bright red 2017 Kia Soul Turbo that is quickly approaching.

Does he reach the Soul Turbo? Kia leaves us (somewhat) in the dark. After a close re-watch, Turbo Hamster barely misses the Soul Turbo’s moonroof opening, as he and his green cape skim over the car’s rear. The car itself hurtles on, just a red blur of speed.

Was the whole purpose of Turbo Hamster to show us this roar of red, then disappear into an unknown fate? It appears so. But with such a fantastic hospital escape and parachuting skills, we’re confident that Turbo Hamster will soon return to bring us more thrilling Soul Turbo commercials.