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Kia Shows Off Next-Generation Cadenza

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Next-Generation Kia Cadenza

The next-generation Kia Cadenza has a more sophisticated style

The Kia Cadenza might not be the Korean brand’s most popular model, but it looks like that might change with the sedan’s newest redesign. Kia recently debuted the updated exterior styling for the 2017 Cadenza and I have to say—I’m mighty impressed.

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Kia is continuing its classic styling with the signature tiger-nose grille on the front end of the Cadenza, which is known as the K7 in its home country. This grille highlights the sleek, wraparound LED headlights and athletic fenders, which show off the sedan’s muscular form. Sculpted body creases add a sophisticated touch to the Kia Cadenza’s exterior, while a slightly sloping roofline gives the sedan a sexy silhouette. Even the rear end has been tweaked with a new chrome strip, which surrounds the taillights and joins them together.

Finishing off the all-new Cadenza’s style is a hint at what lies under its hood. A “3.3” badge indicates that the sedan will have a 3.3-liter V6 engine, making rumors fly that it could possibly be Hyundai/Kia’s new, highly anticipated twin-turbo. It is also rumored that the sedan could get a four-cylinder hybrid alternative, which would be terrific for those consumers who want both luxury and the good feels that come with going green.

Next-Generation Kia Cadenza Rear End

The Cadenza’s new rear end adds to its athletic appeal

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Finally, finishing off the exterior redesign are twin exhaust pipes that also have chrome surround and multi-spoke alloy wheels. There’s no hint as to what the 2016 Kia Cadenza’s interior will look like, but with these more elegant exterior styling cues, I can only imagine that the interior will also be higher quality than it has been in the past.

Keep an eye out for the all-new Kia Cadenza on dealer lots next year.

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