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Kia Soul EV Ice Cream Truck Coming to SEMA

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Kia Soul EV Ice Cream Truck

What the Kia Soul EV Ice Cream Truck will look like when it premieres at SEMA this November

While most car companies cook up some high-performance vehicles for the annual SEMA trade show, Kia seems to be less focused on satisfying a need for speed and more intent on fulfilling a need for feed. Not long after Kia teased us with a video of a Beermobile that it’s creating with Ballast Point Brewery, the Korean automaker is now previewing a Kia Soul EV ice cream truck that will also be unveiled at this year’s 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

The vehicle (pictured above) is part of Kia’s “A Day at the Races” theme, and will serve up flavors from Smitten Ice Cream, a San Francisco-based company that uses liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze made-to-order ice cream. Thanks to their unique process, Smitten’s cold treats are made fresh without any preservatives. Founder Robyn Sue Fisher started off by making and serving the ice cream out of a Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon that she would pull around the streets of NorCal, so the Kia Soul EV represents a significant upgrade in transportation for her.

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“Kia’s ‘A Day at the Races’ theme at SEMA 2014 will showcase a fleet of attention-grabbing vehicles that highlight the imprint motorsports has left on the brand’s DNA,” the short video (below) promises. “This Smitten Ice Cream Soul EV embraces the fun and festive atmosphere fans of our championship-winning race team experience at the track.”

The clip then shows just a brief glimpse of the modification process required to turn an electric Soul into a zero-emissions ice cream truck. Take a look:

Kia Soul EV Ice Cream Truck

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