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Kia UK CEO Says New Sports Car Coming By 2020

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Fans of the KIA GT4 Stinger Concept will be happy to hear Kia will be mass producing a GT sports Ccr by 2020

After teasing people with the Stinger GT4 Concept (pictured above), Kia plans to deliver a new sports car to the public by 2020

After recently unveiling the new Optima GT at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Kia UK’s President and CEO, Paul Philpott, has announced the automobile manufacturer will be producing a new sports car by 2020.

Philpott said that unlike the new Optima GT, which will only be made available in Europe, Kia’s new sports car will be sold worldwide, also mentioning “a sports car just for Europe doesn’t have the critical mass to justify the level of investment required.”

Kia said the new sports car’s design will be inspired by both the GT and Stinger GT4 concepts, but made it clear the car would be a completely new model, rather than being based on an already existing Kia.

Information about the new sport car’s powertrain has yet to be released, but Digital Trends points out Kia used a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the Stinger GT4 concept, which was good for 315 horsepower.

Philpott also said the new Kia sports car will be “affordable.”

Kia hopes the new sports car will help the company reach its goal of selling 100,000 vehicles yearly in the United Kingdom. Kia expects to sell more than 80,000 automobiles in the UK this year.

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