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Kia’s New Four-Door Coupe Caught in the Wild

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Kia GT Concept Car

The Kia GT is supposed to look a bit like this 2011 concept car

Kia has been working on bringing their 2011 GT Concept car into production for a while now—and it looks like it might be here sooner, rather than later. Earlier this month, Carscoops caught sight of Kia’s new coupe out on the open road in Europe and, even with its camouflage, this car looks like it’s going to be awesome.

Currently, the new Kia uses the codename CK. It is expected to have a shorter version of the Genesis G80 and G90 platform with the tweak of having a four-door coupe body that will rival high-end models like the Audi A5 and A7 Sportback.

Peter Schreyer, who is known for designing the 2011 GT concept car, will also have a hand in designing the sporty Kia. Add the fact that Kia is having a former BMW-M engineer—and current development chief of Hyundai’s N performance division—named Albert Biermann tune the chassis and we have to say—we’re pretty darn excited to see what this production model will look like.

Even with the testing model’s heavy camo, you can tell that the production model will have a similar rear design to the GT concept. It also has a set of compact LED headlights, which will make definitely add a touch of athleticism to the new Kia’s silhouette.

The GT production model has been delayed until 2017, but we’re hoping that we might be able to see it at the Paris Motor Show. It’s sure to impress if it’s anything like the concept it’s based on.

Catch a glimpse of the Kia GT production model in its camouflage by heading over to Carscoops’ page.

News Source: Carscoops