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Kia’s “Stay Human” Campaign Adds Heart to Quality

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Kia's "Stay Human" Campaign

“Stay human: because without you, we wouldn’t have to be so reliable.”

Kia has been quietly experiencing a brand resurgence—Kia cars are now more highly thought of than any other time in recent memory. Kia itself seems well aware of this, indicated by their current “Power to Surprise” brand tagline. Now, the company wants to sell your heart on Kia as well as your head. Kia’s “Stay Human” Campaign—a global strategy implemented on TV, print, digital, and out of home media—is the key to the customer’s hearts.

The campaign is built on the following verbiage: “Stay human: because without you, we wouldn’t have to be so reliable.” Benny Oeyen, Kia Motor Europe’s vice president of marketing and product planning, had this to say about the campaign: “In addition to our clear positioning as a brand that offers quality and design, we wanted to add a human message at the heart of the campaign. After all, from the drawing board to the driveway, our cars are made and driven by real human beings.”

You can even find viral videos posted by Kia on YouTube supporting the “stay human” message. In a global culture driven by cold, calculating technology, Kia’s ad campaign comes with a refreshing and simple message.