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Move to Korea, Buy a Genesis, Avoid Speeding Tickets

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 Hyundai Genesis South Korea avoid speeding tickets

Hyundai Genesis owners in South Korea have the special feature to avoid speeding tickets

We can’t blame Hyundai for showing a bit of favoritism to its native country of South Korea. We’ve already been blessed just by getting to own the the sleek, fierce Genesis. Clearly we’re appreciative of that with the Genesis’ sales numbers.

The hot new model has also been known to give its handler an uncontrollable compulsion to drive it unlawfully fast. Hyundai executives in South Korea noticed this trend and did Genesis owners a small favor–one which we here in the United States aren’t blessed to have.

Word from Korea is that their Hyundai Genesis has a special way for drivers to avoid speeding tickets.

And no, it’s not extra cleavage.

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Avoid Speeding Tickets in Korea with Hyundai Genesis’ New Feature

If you’ve purchased a new Genesis, you probably don’t have one handy gadget Genesis owners in Korea do that helps avoid speeding tickets: an on-board camera that is able to detect speed cameras.

The speed trap detector works with the car’s GPS to monitor the speed of the vehicle and location of nearby cameras. If the car is above the speed limit when nearing a trap, the device will sound a warning. If the driver doesn’t take action, the device will enable the automatic brakes and slow the vehicle down.

Advocates are saying that this function is keeping the Genesis safe and law-abiding. But if that’s the case, why isn’t the device integrated with all speed limit zones, instead of just the monitoring cameras?

Still, it’s debatable if we’ll ever see the device in the United States. With how much money police forces and governments make from speeding tickets, will the release of such a device be buried in paperwork so revenue can keep coming in?

For the time being, the rest of us here in the States will have to settle for getting out of speeding tickets the old fashioned way.

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