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Korean Dash Cam Video of Head-on Collision is Not What You’d Expect

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Korean dash cam video

Warning: this Korean dash cam video might shock you

Usually, when a dash cam video pops up somewhere on the internet that promises to show the results of a crash, you can almost certainly expect a fender-bender at the least and a full-scale fireball at worst. Not so with this dash cam video entitled “출근길 바로앞에서 일어난 정면충돌!!!,” which roughly translates to “head-on collision that happened just before the commute exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point.”

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Telling you anything more would really be spoiling the surprise, but we’ll offer this: nobody gets seriously hurt. Well, at least we don’t think the individuals involved were seriously injured, though we can’t totally speak to their pride.

If nothing else, may this video serve as a firm reminder that you should always look both ways when crossing a street. Further, you should also make it a point to look when crossing a street.

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News Source: Jalopnik