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Kubica Confirmed Then Denied for Williams Seat

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Robert Kubica driving for BMW Williams in 2008

Robert Kubica driving for BMW Williams in 2008
Photo: ph-stop

The rumor mill continues to churn in Formula One news. The French TV channel Canal Plus officially announced that Robert Kubica, the Polish driver who had retired from the sport after a horrific rallying incident in 2011, would drive alongside Lance Stroll for the Williams Martini Racing team in 2018.

Over the weekend, visitors at the 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix were also told the same thing by commentator Bob Constanduros over the paddock radio at the 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix. But Williams was quick to rebut the rumors: according to The Drive, a spokesperson from the Formula One team said the claims surrounding its relationship with Kubica were “completely untrue.”

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And yet, Williams has just confirmed it will give Kubica a go at a third in-season test after the final Grand Prix of the year at Abu Dhabi, proving that the team is still seriously considering him—and following the announcement of Felipe Massa’s retirement, Williams’ options are getting narrower.

It would be a remarkable story should Kubica make a return to the sport and an even more remarkable one should he be as competitive as he had been before his accident. The rumors of his return have intensified and ebbed all throughout the season with little concrete information emerging, though things are clearly and finally coming to a point.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this denial by Williams were to be followed next week by an official confirmation of Kubica’s return, in true Formula One fashion.

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News Sources: The Drive, BBC Sport

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