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LA Installs Rumble Strips To Shake Sense Into Street Racers

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The Nissan GT-R racing on a track where that belongs

Movies and TV shows are great ways to escape the monotony of the every day, but we’re pretty sure all of us know that the things portrayed there are fictional. While a lot of screen time in car movies is given to street racers tearing around neighborhoods without getting caught by the police, in reality the sport is dangerous for both drivers and spectators, and the police don’t really turn a blind eye. That’s not stopping racers from taking to the streets of the Los Angeles neighborhood of Chatsworth. This week, the city installed rumble trips on these stretches of roadway to try and deter these reckless drivers.

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One road in particular, called Canoga Avenue, is the main thoroughfare used for road racing. Locals call it “Canoga Speedway” according to Jalopnik, and if you look on the street on Google Maps you can see several black strips along it from cars tearing away from the starting line. Unfortunately, the rumble strips will annoy all drivers on the road, not just the racers, but the momentary headache might be worth it for safety in the long run.

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While the new rumble strips will shake a car and make a truly horrifying sound, they will hopefully do more than just forcibly shake sense into the street racers’ heads. One side effect of rumble strips is that they disrupt the grip tires have on the road, so speeding over them is actually dangerous. Of course, they still are not as dangerous as hitting a speed bump and going airborne, but hopefully the added risk that rumble strips pose will force street racers to move on and find a new hobby.

News Source: Jalopnik