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‘Late Shift’ Film Project Receives BMW Support

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BMW i8 The Late Shift

If you have ever sat in a movie theater and rolled your eyes at the screen because the story on the screen is so predictable and boring, we have great news for you. A new movie production company called CtrlMovie has created a new movie viewing experience with a production named Late Shift, and it’s available now in the Apple App store. The best part? It stars several BMW vehicles.

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Late Shift is a film that is meant to be experienced rather than simply watched. After a user downloads the app for their Apple device and starts the show, they have to be fully engaged with the screen, making choices for the main characters as well as exploring the surroundings from their point of view.

BMW i8 The Late Shift

BMW is proud of its many vehicles that have earned a starring role on the silver screen. Die-hard BMW fans might recall the brand itself launching a complete short film series called The Hire in the early 2000s and starringt Clive Owen. This time around, the automaker was not calling the shots, but its vehicles certainly dominated the screen.

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Check out the BMW vehicles, especially the BMW i8, in action below.

Select theaters in Europe will be playing the film, but for the rest of us the app download will have to do. I actually downloaded it myself to see what all the fuss was about. The first section of the movie, which takes place in a parking garage, is free, but subsequent parts each have a price. It was great to choose the actions of the main character, but based on game play videos online it seems that the character is always headed to particular destination no matter what the player chooses. The cinematography and production in general of the section I saw was pretty excellent, and being forced to choose the character’s actions made me stay engaged with my iPad screen and the interesting story.

BMW i8 The Late Shift

Time will tell if films in the style of the Choose Your Own Adventure books catch on, but this endeavor is pretty cool.

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