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Latest “Who Makes a Honda” Video Profiles Two Ohio Coworkers Engaged in Prison Ministry

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Honda Volunteers Provide Hope in Latest "Who Makes a Honda" Video

The long-running “What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda” YouTube video series just aired one of its most inspiring entries, titled “James and John’s Story.” The two titular figures, John Duffy and James Dillard, are Honda associates in Marysville, Ohio, who, in their free time, participate in a prison fellowship program to provide hope and inspiration to those struggling with incarceration.

You can watch the video here:

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The two Honda of America Manufacturing associates have been volunteering together in a prison ministry for the past year. During that time, John and James have developed a special bond with the prisoners they’ve visited at the North Central Correctional Institution in Marion, Ohio. John and James break bread with the inmates, but more importantly, listen to them and demonstrate that they care about them as people.

“When we treat them as human beings it gives them hope,” Duffy said.

John and James say they feel that what they are doing is having a positive impact on the inmates now, but even more importantly, will have a lasting impact on them and hopefully reduce rates of recidivism.

“If I can do anything to help just one person not come back to prison, I think there is nothing better,” said Dillard, a process engineer at the Marysville Auto Plant.

Duffy, a 26-year veteran of Honda, first took Dillard under his wing a few years ago. That work relationship has become more and more integral to the lives of both men, especially after the murder of Duffy’s nephew, a period of mourning during which Dillard provided crucial emotional support.

“James was there every step of the way,” said Duffy. “James really helped our family.”

The prison ministry also helped Duffy’s grieving process.

“Through hearing their stories, I was able to forgive the gentleman that took my nephew’s life,” he said.

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