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Have a Laugh: Hyundai UK’s “Honest Series” Commercials Starring George the Salesman

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Hyundai UK's Honest Series Commercials Starring George the Salesman

George, the star salesman, confused on the floor
Photo: Hyundai UK via YouTube

Hyundai UK has delivered a handful of successful commercials over the past couple years with its “Honest Series” comedy short films–five minute online vignettes produced by Red Bee Media. The recurring, central character is George the salesman, played by Will Owen, who deals with some of the most off-kilter and wacky customers to walk into a car dealership.

Let’s take a look back at the misadventures of George the salesman in Hyundai UK’s hilarious commercials.

Hyundai Santa Fe – Feel Like a Man

Hyundai UK's Honest Series Commercials Starring George the Salesman Santa Fe

George doesn’t know how to react to his weird customers
Photo: Hyundai UK via YouTube

The first episode of the “Honest Series” was titled “Feel Like a Man” and appeared in November 2013. The video guest starring BAFTA winner Darren Boyd (of the comedy series Spy) as a husband and father of four picking out a new car: the Hyundai Santa Fe.

The man–an architect–struggles to maintain a facade of confidence and masculinity as he wrestles with his inner monologue. By the end of the video, he’s broken down and confessed, “I didn’t even dress myself, George. She picked out this outfit. Do you have any idea what that feels like? I stand naked in front of my wife and I feel like a small child. That is messed up, George.”

This commercial received rave reviews from many viewers, who proved that–if it’s funny and well-constructed–people will sit through a five-minute advertisement. It established the formula that the subsequent commercials would follow–an opening flash-back structure, awkward comments, and character-based, situational humor.

Hyundai i30 – It’s All About the Kids

Hyundai UK's Honest Series Commercials Starring George the Salesman i30

The i30, being lovingly stroked
Photo: Hyundai UK via YouTube

The follow-up commercial in the “Honest Series” was released during the same month. It starred Anna Crilly of the BBC sitcom Lead Balloon, lending her deadpan delivery to advertise the i30 hatchback. The socially inept mother visits George the salesman about a car for her family–but actually wants a car that’s fun to drive. Luckily for her, the i30 delivers on both those needs.

That must be why she’s obsessed with stroking the car throughout the entire sketch.

This video garnered a couple chuckles but doesn’t feature the same sharp timing and freshness of the first one. Still, it received praise for being better than most car commercials.

Hyundai i10 – There Is Definitely an Attraction Here

Hyundai UK's Honest Series Commercials Starring George the Salesman i10

George, with his “bumper” being inspected
Photo: Hyundai UK via YouTube

The third and fourth entries in the “Honest Series” commercials were released five months later in April 2014. This one stars Kimberly Nixon as Kristin, a woman obsessed with George the salesman. She doesn’t hold back from sniffing him, grabbing his leg, and checking out his…er, “back seat.” Sure she might be listening to information on the Hyundai i10, but there’s something–rather, someone–else she’s checking out.

This commercial took the humor up another notch with adult-oriented jokes and innuendo–and because of that, George appears truly uncomfortable with a customer for the first time. That’s not surprising considering the commercial ends with Kristin potentially abducting George on a test drive.

Hyundai ix35 SUV – Let’s Tussle

Hyundai UK's Honest Series Commercials Starring George the Salesman ix35

George, unconscious on his showroom floor
Photo: Hyundai UK via YouTube

The fourth commercial involved an over-confident father showing his embarrassed son how to properly shop for a car–specifically the ix35. However, the dad’s poor social skills cause the situation to quickly spiral out of control. Soon, the “rite of passage” results in George laying unconscious on the showroom floor, thanks to the antics of the world’s most awkward father.

It wasn’t until more than a year later that we saw George again selling the latest Hyundai models. The fifth commercial in the series was released this month starring Tom Stourton and Kelly Brook. And believe us, it’s the funniest yet. You can read all about it in our review and watch it below: