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Leaked 2017 Dodge Charger Photo Is Probably Fake

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Oh, naïve Facebookers. How much we love you. Just a few months back, you thought that Eminem had owned a Cadillac Ciel and was going to give it away to someone on social media, and now you’ve gone and shared this image supposedly released by Dodge of the 2017 Charger thousands of times.

leaked 2017 Dodge Charger photo

The allegedly leaked 2017 Dodge Charger photo has been shared a crap ton on Facebook

Only problem is, this is probably definitely a fake.

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Most people probably caught on right away that this was something that some trickster whipped up in Photoshop (or maybe even Paint, if they have mad skills like our editor, Cat Hiles), but so many people were gullibly sharing this on Facebook that the folks at Torque News decided to put a stop to it.

“I am sorry to have to disappoint so many people online, but I want to make it clear as possible. The car above is not the 2017 Dodge Charger,” writes Patrick Rall. He adds, “[T]he fluid, curvy body lines are actually those of a 1999 Dodge Charger Concept…Even the wheels and the background are the same.”

1999 Dodge Charger concept used to create leaked 2017 Dodge Charger photo

The 1999 Dodge Charger Concept


Sorry to disappoint, adoring Dodge fans. But this leaked 2017 Dodge Charger photo is not the real deal. But we hear that Nickleback is giving away a Nissan Juke in an effort to suck less.* Let’s see if we can get that trending.

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*This is actually not at all happening, and Nickleback will never not suck, whether they drive a Juke or not.

News Source: Torque News