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Learn About the 2015 Ford Transit in Truth About Transit Tour

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Truth About Transit Tour

2015 Ford Transit

Ford is organizing a nationwide Truth About Transit Tour to offer fleet owners, commercial customers, and dealers the exclusive opportunity to test-drive the all-new 2015 Ford Transit and learn more about the vehicle’s exceptional versatility and technology.

The Transit, which hits American and Canadian dealerships this summer, offers best-in-class 81.5 inches of maximum interior cargo height, 487 cubic feet of cargo volume, a maximum towing capacity of 7,600 pounds, and 4,650 pounds of maximum payload capacity.

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The Truth About Transit Tour will visit 19 cities across the United States from June to October, including Chicago, Boston, Miami, New York, Houston, and Los Angeles. Participating fleet owners, commercial customers, and dealers will be able to test drive 2015 Transit models on a closed course designed to show its capabilities.

They’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Transit is “Built Ford Tough” at a hands-on interactive garage as well as meet product specialists who can answer questions about the all-new model.

While we wish we could take part in the Truth About Transit Tour, we’ll have to watch for write-ups from the comfort of our own seats. If you test-drive one, let us know!

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  • John

    Sorry, but this is not a good move by any measure. Way to go Ford on another epic fail! Why phase something out of production that has been one of their best sellers for decades? By killing off the beloved E-Series lineup, they have officially taken the “American pride” factor out of their van lineup by offering us this European POS. It’s obvious to me that they have not learned from the mistake that they made when they initially phased out the Taurus, which occurred around 2005 or so. Don’t get me wrong, the E-Series vans were pretty thirsty in terms of fuel consumption, and yes, over time they did become much larger in size, making maneuverability in parking lots if not a little inconvenient, but to sum it all into perspective, I don’t care what anybody says, the 5.4L V8 had plenty of passing power (can’t say the same for the 4.6L V8 for this type of vehicle) and the ride and seats were as comfortable as ever. A relative of mine still has his 2006 E-150 Chateau that has 135,000 miles on it, and still going strong. However, I’ll also say that a neighbor of mine, who used to drive a 2002 E-150 cargo van, but upgraded by choice due to the higher mileage he had on it (225,000+) happens to now own one of the newer Transit Connect cargo vans (it’s a 2012 model) and he’s had nothing but problems with it. In particular, he’s already had to replace the brakes on it a total of four times in one year, and he is not one to be abusive or hard on his vehicle or brakes for that matter. He was also surprised to learn that they manufacture these turds over in Turkey, which probably explains the “quality” craftsmanship that goes into this poor excuse of a vehicle. If the Transit Connect is built with this same “quality” I can’t wait to see how the full size “Transit” Sprinter clone pans out. Oh and no V8 offering? Are you kidding? Ford is getting so obsessed with their Ecoboost technology that they are basically writing off their V8s in favor of their Ecoboost I4s and V6 engines. Who on earth would honestly brag to their buddies that they have an “Ecoboost I-4 “or “Ecoboost V6” under the hood? Their buddies would probably end up cackling themselves to death and show their fool of a friend what a real engine (a V8, of course) looks, sounds and feels like. Look, I know that other vehicles in their lineup like the Mustang and F-150 still thankfully carry a V8 option, but would it kill them to offer a V8 engine on more of their cars than just those two? Oh and stripping the Expedition of its V8 was a HUGE blunder too! Just how do they expect people to tow extra large campers with an Ecoboost V6!? I don’t think so… I currently own a 2007 Escape XLT V6 which I plan to hang onto for quite some time. However, until Ford starts beefing up some of their current generic designs (the current Escape and Explorer are hideous, yet they sell in droves, probably due to their fuel efficiency) and offer a better engine lineup than just an Obama approved I-4 or V6 disguised as a V8, then I won’t be back. Besides, I heard that Ford was recently involved in a “class action lawsuit” concerning problems with the Ecoboost engine lineup after learning of several complaints related to “sudden loss of power, shuddering and stalling.” Seems like a junk engine to me. Perhaps it needs more refinement. Whoever was in charge of their current vehicle design lineup should’ve been shown the door anyway, if they haven’t already.

    • walt


      This is a bad move for Ford.
      They had a great work van to begin with and decided to drop it after all these years?
      I’m going to have to move over to a V8 Chevy Van for my business vehicles.