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LeBron’s BMW 760Li Sells for $90k to His One Cleveland Fan

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LeBron's BMW Sold Keith Allison

LeBron has never been one for making uncomfortable scenes…just like his customized BMW 760Li in the middle of downtown Clevelenad.
Photo: Keith Allison

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a celebrity’s personalized vehicle but couldn’t afford the price tag, perhaps you should start shopping in Cleveland.

That’s what one die-hard fan did who purchased LeBron James’ way-too-white BMW 760Li for $89,000.

Clearly the purchaser of LeBron’s BMW has excellent taste in customized cars and celebrities.

Lebron James’s Customized BMW Reminds Us He’s Big and Rich

Forget the fact that LeBron’s BMW 760Li was obtained in late 2009, right before  he left for the Miami Heat to make enough money for a hundred BMWs. We’ll overlook his past, for the sake of one of our Cleveland-native editors.

Let’s just look at the car itself.

It’s touted as a “one-of-a-kind” ride… and there’s a reason you won’t find any others like this. The matte pearl white coat, covering the resprayed kidney grilles and 22″ wheel rims, make the vehicle look like a giant pasty sneaker. Not enough white for you? The interior leather is too!

And who needs visible tail lights when you can tint them black?

The 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V12 isn’t bad, but won’t attract passengers like the massaging seats, TVs, and power controls in the rear seats will.

You could see real pictures of LeBron’s BMW here, but it’s just as accurate if we show you a picture of this:

Lacoste White Shoe Labron's BMW Jhong Dizon

Some lucky purchaser could be driving around in a giant white shoe.
Photo: Jhong Dizon

LeBron’s BMW 760Li Goes to his One Fan Left in Cleveland

Marshall Goldman Motor Sales in Warrensville, Ohio had the vehicle advertised for three days before it was purchased by LeBron’s one fan left in Ohio. The selling price: the $90,000 range.

It’s true that 760Li’s are rare, but if you wanted your own customized one and missed out on stretching your legs out in LeBron’s, simply take an elegant-looking one like this:

BMW_760LI Lebron's BMW Wikipedia

Oh boy! What a nice BMW!
Photo: Wikipedia

… and color it with 7,435 bottles of white-out and some heavy tinting. Voila!

Lebron's BMW painted white

Now that’s a $90,000 car!
Sorry, Wikipedia

One fact left to mention: the car boasts only 9,000 miles on its odometer.

Enough to drive from Cleveland to Miami and back.