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Let Cadillac’s Christmas Commercial Put You in the Holiday Spirit

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Cadillac’s Christmas commercial

Instead of rolling our eyes at Cadillac’s Christmas commercial, let’s just enjoy the fact that it’s the holiday season and get in the spirit.

Okay, okay, so Christmas should have nothing to do with commercialism. That much is clear. But it’s 2014, and it’s a little too late to get secular society to separate the holiday season from commercialism all together, so why not embrace it? Seriously, rather than roll our eyes at every opportunity a retailer takes to capitalize off a family holiday, let’s instead enjoy the fact that seasonal commercials often have Christmas music, snowy backdrops, and happy faces.

Honestly, Cadillac’s Christmas commercial (below) isn’t likely to inspire most of us to run out of the house now and buy a million Cadillacs (though, if it does, we’d like to invite you over for Christmas, and please bring presents). But what the commercial can inspire in us is an excitement for the season—an excitement to give to other people, to wish them a happy day, and to focus on what brings us together rather than what rips us apart.

Sure, that’s not Cadillac’s aim at all, but it puts a nice spin on the overt commercialization of a nice, traditional holiday. Maybe with that attitude, you can delve into the latest Christmas ad from Cadillac and smile rather than frown.

Though Cadillac’s Christmas commercial is of little substance, it’s still worth a glance—if you seriously consider our proposition. You may say we’re way off base, but you’re probably just being a humbug. Check it out: