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Lexus Returns with Big Red Bows for Holiday Sales Event

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Lexus Big Red Bows

Lexus is back with their “December to Remember” event

Eighteen years ago, Lexus came up with its “December to Remember” sales event, and people have surely not forgotten the commercials featuring big red bows atop brand new Lexus vehicles. The image became a staple of holiday commercials, where presumably ordinary people were walked outside with their eyes closed, to be presented with a brand new Lexus in the driveway.

It’s Never Too Soon to Shop: Get your big red bow now

Back in 2002, Saturday Night Live even spoofed this phenomenon and made the joke that the gift of a car isn’t as great without the big bow on top. But alas, this isn’t really a joke. There are many consumers that demand the red bows atop their new vehicles before they dish out the dough for such a luxurious Christmas gift.



New Year, New Theme

This year, Lexus is bringing the popular campaign back with a new theme that focuses on adults still enjoying the excitement of Santa. “Kids seem to have the connection to Santa. So the whole campaign is about how adults are finding a way to manipulate that relationship in a fun way,” stated Chris Graves, chief creative officer at Lexus agency Team One.

In an adorable new commercial for the sales event, a child is seen sitting on Santa’s lap, wishing for a new 2017 Lexus LX 570 while his dad nonchalantly coaches him from the side with additional features to mention to the big guy.



Coming Soon to a Driveway Near You

Lexus, along with many other automakers, is offering a multitude of holiday incentives on their vehicles during this busy car-buying season and will surely have no problem delivering new vehicles with big red bows to many driveways of suburbia in the near future.

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