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Lexus Short Films Debut Exclusively on Twitter October 26

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Lexus Short Films

Yeah, if you could go ahead and tell me what my motivation is here, that would be grrreeat.

How would you like to have exclusive access to two beautiful short films that explore the sense of wonder and awe that we sometimes take for granted in our day-to-day life? Earning the opportunity to be among the first to see these Lexus short films Operation Barn Owl and Market Hours is as simple as following @LexusInt on Twitter prior to October 26.

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Lexus International is currently followed by more than 239,000 people on Twitter, and they are looking to lure in even more followers with the promise of exclusive access to two Lexus Short Films. Both Operation Barn Owl and Market Hours, which were produced by The Weinstein Company, will be available to the public on October 27 at However, if you are following @LexusInt by October 26, you will get to see it first through links exclusive only to account followers. No sneaking in through the back door, either: Lexus will lock the account to new followers for a 24-hour period, so if you plan to get in on the ground floor, now is the time.

The synopsis for Market Hours involves a day-dreaming mall cop looking to prove his mettle in the face of adversity—and in order to win the affections of a Hollywood starlet. (No, it’s not a remake of Paul Blart, either.) Market Hours stars Office Space’s Gary Cole and is directed by Jon Goldman.

Operation Barn Owl tells the story of Ellen, who must put her secret feelings for best friend Jonah aside long enough to help him plan the ultimate proposal for his girlfriend. We’re willing to bet the proposal does not go as planned and that aforesaid secret feelings don’t stay bottled up for long. Operation Barn Owl is the co-creation of Satsuki Okawa and Ken Ochiai.

Lexus International previously collaborated with Twitter on its #LexusInTokyo and #LexusInBeijing campaigns. You can find trailers for the two short films below the jump.

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