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Lexus Shows Its Funny Side with L/Studio & Comedy Central’s “Junketeers”

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Junketeers online show Lexus comedy central

The main cast of the comical “Junketeers “digital series
Photo: L/Studio

Did you know that Lexus has a humorous side? While this high-class automaker typically seems like it takes everything seriously, it has a joking side that it occasionally likes to show.

Lexus recently partnered with Comedy Central to distribute a hilarious online series available on YouTube and L/Studio, Lexus’ web content channel. The eight-episode digital miniseries Junketeers explores the overlooked, often-wacky lives of celebrity correspondents.

Lexus Is on on the Joke of Junketeers

Junketeers was created by Kids at Play, a comedy production company that’s partnered with Lexus, Comedy Central, and FullCourtPress.

Junketeers online show press reporters Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell appears in an episode of “Junketeers”
Photo: L/Studio

The main five-person cast of Junketeers stars Brian Unger, Austin Lyon, Phil Augusta Jackson, Amanda Lund, and Barak Hardley as roving press junket reporters. Each episode captures the hilarious struggles and faux pas of these reporters trying to score big interviews at film premiers. Although scripted, the series features plenty of celebrity cameos like Kristen Bell, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Josh Duhamel.

One of the great things about Junketeers is that, although it was produced by Lexus, you won’t find any product placement here. Instead, Lexus steps back and lets the show’s creators–two veteran TV correspondents–fill each scene with what they envision it to have: biting, vulgar, satiric humor that takes cracks at celebrities and reporters.

“Ben and I couldn’t ask for more supportive creative partners than Kids at Play, Comedy Central, and L/Studio. They’ve (perhaps foolishly) given us exceptional creative freedom and we’re truly thankful,” stated Josh Horowitz, a longtime correspondent for MTV News and a creator of Junketeers.

Each episode is only five-to-seven minutes long, so it won’t take you long to check out Junketeers. And, it’s sure to give you a couple chuckles. Check it out here.