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Lexus Takes on Internet Trolls in the Best Way Possible

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Happy Trollidays Lexus

It’s no secret that internet users can be pretty vicious, especially when companies are involved. This holiday season, Lexus is taking on the Twitter trolls by responding to a few of them with personalized videos. To make payback even sweeter, each retweet of Lexus’s snappy comebacks is a $50 donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Lexus is already a high-profile brand because of its luxury status. In December, however, they become even more popular thanks to the annual “December to Remember” ad campaign. More popularity brings on more trolls, and the “Happy Trollidays” video series was born. In each video, a “Happy Trollidays” neon sign lights up above a red curtain, which pulls back to reveal a white Lexus IS at a microphone. The voice behind the Lexus commercials then starts to read the troll’s original tweet in the driest way imaginable, and then responds.

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For each tweet, there is a unique response that is appropriate for each troll. When one Twitter user complains that the “December to Remember” commercials “irritate the ever loving hell” out of him, the Lexus IS responds by going into full commercial mode (bright lights and lens flair included) and asks if a personalized commercial makes him any less irritated.

Not all of the trolls dislike the brand, though. For example, @Rodtopia tweeted  “I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be the 37th straight year where I don’t wake to a Lexus with a bow in my driveway this Christmas.” The voice of Lexus then tells @Rodtopia that they are wrong, and a remote control Lexus IS, adorned with a red bow, zooms out onto the stage and does donuts. Lexus then offers to send them the (small) car for Christmas.

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One troll who received a personal response actually works with social media, and complained after the video that it took them too long to respond by social media customer service standards. Lexus continued the gag by responding to the second tweet and acting as if they put him on hold.

As if you can’t tell, these short videos are pretty funny, and you can check out Lexus’s Twitter feed to see them all. Don’t forget to retweet the videos to help the automaker donate to a very worthy cause while you’re there.

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