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Lexus To Roll Out No-Haggle Pricing Experiment

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When buying a car, many shoppers are anxious about the haggling that takes place. How do you know if you’ve gotten a good deal? Companies like TrueCar and have sprung up over the last few years to help shoppers know what they should be paying based on what cars were sold for in their area.

It seems as if Lexus is looking to remove those middlemen and solve the problem of haggle anxiety. A dozen or so Lexus dealers nationwide will be trying on a “No Haggle” pricing policy in the first quarter of 2016. According to the automaker, this has been a move that they have discussed since 2013. A change this big involves a lot of discussion, but Lexus is confident in the program and is aware that, while it might attract some new customers, it could also deter others who enjoy haggling. Yahoo! Autos has learned that if it works, it could be rolled out to more dealerships in 2017 (but only to those that choose to participate).

The last high-profile automaker to use no-haggle pricing was the popular Saturn brand before the line was discontinued by General Motors. It will be interesting to see how the strategy works out for Lexus, a luxury brand.