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Life’s Big Questions: How Did This Buick Wind Up on a Bike Trail?

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Some of the greatest questions that the human mind can conjure will never truly be answered. Which actually came first between the chicken and the egg? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Is there life after death? Why does Adam Sandler continue to get huge budgets to make awful garbage films?

Now, thanks to one particularly unfortunate Chicagoan, we can add another important question to the aforementioned list: how did this Buick wind up on a bike path on a bridge on Lake Shore Drive?

Car on Bridge

Photo: Ronit Bezalel

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The folks over at r/Chicago have been carrying on the philosophical argument of how this particular conundrum came to be. Some of the exchanges have been worthy of Plato:

Buick discussion

Appropos of the commercials, that’s definitely a Buick.

Surprisingly, this particular sub-Reddit is far less cesspooly and more civil than so many others, and of the 124 comments, only one earned 0 points despite being perfectly reasonable.

Not bad

Still, for all the conjecture and consideration, there may well be one true correct answer. And this is it:

Correct Answer


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