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Lincoln Celebrating Success on McConaughey’s Birthday

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McConaughey's Birthday

Happy 45th, big guy

Today, the world is wishing Matthew David McConaughey a very happy 45th birthday. It’s likely, though, that nobody brought a bigger gift box with a more opulent bow to the imaginary birthday gala that we assume all big Hollywood actors have than the Lincoln Motor Company.

After scoring its best October in seven years and continuing to see a rise in sales of the all-new MKC, it’s hard not to draw a correlation between Lincoln’s recent success and the mid-summer reveal of a new ad campaign starring the Academy Award-winning actor.

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What may be as big a contributor to Lincoln’s best run in a good long while is the flood of spoofs that take McConaughey’s spots to task. Most recently, Jim Carrey lampooned the Lincoln MKC ads during his hosting stint on Saturday Night Live and, by proximity, helped make Lincoln a trending topic for much of the week thereafter.

McConaughey's Birthday

Carrey’s spot-on impersonation gave Lincoln even more exposure on a nationally televised stage

Rather than take itself too seriously (as it has been wont to do in the past), Lincoln is relishing all of the extra press.

“We designed the campaign for the MKC to be able to create mass awareness about the vehicle,” Lincoln spokesman Stephane Cesareo told Detroit News. “We’re pleased by this additional coverage.”

It’s hard to imagine Cesareo’s last sentence being uttered while doing anything but slowly stroking the fur of a cat from a chair at the head of some enormous war room table in an evil genius’ underground lair.

The attention surrounding the ads and the parodies thereof could be the momentum that gets the ball rolling on Lincoln’s plans of tripling global sales by 2020. If it is, then Lincoln will want to make sure they definitely get McConaughey a super nice gift for his 51st.

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