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Lincoln One Ups Cadillac’s “Dare Greatly” With Sick Burn

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Lincoln Dare Greatly

Lincoln Dare Greatly

Here’s something that you might find good for a laugh: Google “dare greatly.”

As you might know, #daregreatly is the hashtag/tagline/hashtagline being employed in Cadillac’s new ad campaign. The first ad may have been a bunch of overblown tripe that spends far too much time aping a speech from a great American president and not enough time actually showing Cadillacs, but the second ad stepped things up quite a bit by giving the world its first peak at the upcoming CT6 flagship sedan during Sunday’s Oscar broadcast.

Those interested to see what more they can learn about the “Dare Greatly” campaign likely also ran a Google search for those same two words only to be greeted by a similar result: a well-placed ad from Lincoln.

The best part of this is its dig at the premise of Cadillac’s new commercials—“You Don’t Have To Make A Statement When You Know Who You Are.”


Clicking the ad takes you to this page:

Lincoln Dare Greatly

The only way this could have been better would have been if Lincoln had Photoshopped Teddy Roosevelt in the front seat of that MKZ with Matthew McConaughey.