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Lincoln Using Social Media to Increase Public Profile

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Lincoln Instagram Post

An Instagram post from Lincoln showing off its Continental Concept

Lincoln is attempting to reestablish itself as a premier brand, and in so doing, the men and women behind the badge are reevaluating everything right down to the way Lincoln is marketed. One of the biggest factors in putting Lincoln’s products in front of a larger (and younger) audience via social media.

As Zuum co-founder Doug Schumacher pointed out in a blog post on iMedia Connection, Lincoln used the buzz surrounding its Continental Concept after its reveal at the New York Auto Show to drum up a considerable amount of social media engagement in April.

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With 49 posts using the word “concept” across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Lincoln racked up 68,500 engagements in the form of retweets, favorites, comments, likes, shares, and replies.

Still, while Lincoln has greatly improved its social media presence, it has a long way to go to catch up with its luxury segment rivals. Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest, Lincoln has 993,124 social media friends/followers. The average for the luxury auto industry is a total of 5,873,956 followers/friends, and the top brand—Porsche—has 974,000 Twitter followers alone.

With the popularity of Lincoln’s Matthew McConaughey ads—as well as the subsequent parodies thereof—it will be interesting to see what Lincoln does in the months ahead to rekindle its brand using social media.

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News Source: iMedia Connection