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Local Motors Rally Fighter Takes to Lime Rock Park

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Ever heard of a Local Motors Rally Fighter before? No? Then strap in, boy and girls, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Local Motors Rally Fighter

Meet the Local Motors Rally Fighter, ladies and gents.

The Rally Fighter pictured above is completely street-legal but can also do some pretty awesome things on the track, as evidenced by the video at the end of this post. Each Rally Fighter is reportedly designed with the customer alongside the Local Motors specialist. This process, according to GM Authority, is done at one of several “microfactories” across the country.

A Local Motors Rally Fighter recently took to Lime Rock Park racetrack in Connecticut, driven by two new owners of one of the custom cars.

drivers of the Rally Fighter

Jesse and Scott Denome

Check out some of the highlights from the day below:

Rally Fighter wheel Rally Fighter front Local Motors Rally Fighter Local Motors Rally Fighter Rally Fighter rear

The Rally Fighter is powered by a General Motors E-Rod V8 and is just freaking awesome. See footage of the Lime Rock Park adventure below: