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Lonely Ford Truck Sings Sad Tune in Safe Auto Commercial

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A Ford truck sings in Safe Auto's funny new commercial

Maggie’s Ford truck comes to life and sings a song in the new Safe Auto commercial

Ford F-Series pickup trucks sold more vehicles in the US in 2015 than any other type of automobile, so why is the Ford truck in the new Safe Auto commercial so depressed?

“I keep my lights on. I keep my seats warm, but rust is all that’s real anymore,” exclaims the fictional Ford pickup.

If you follow the plot of the 30-second commercial, then you’ll hear that the truck’s owner, Maggie, hasn’t been driving the truck for weeks and has been catching the bus instead. The reason for Maggie’s neglectful behavior seems to be due her lack of car insurance. At the end of the commercial, an unseen narrator says, “Not driving drives you crazy.”

CNN reported back in 2009–during the recession–that cars sitting for prolonged periods without being driven can develop a number of problems, such as battery leakage. Also, hoses can fall victim to natural decomposure, so they should be checked before you drive a vehicle that’s been inactive for a long time. In addition, CNN reported that a full fuel system flush should be performed on those immobile vehicles to avoid fuel gumming up and clogging the engine.

If you consider all the risks that can occur when you don’t regularly drive your vehicle, then it makes sense as to why the Ford pickup was so sad. Fortunately, the commercial concludes with Maggie returning to the garage where her vehicle is stored to take it out for a spin.

Hopefully she took the proper steps in caring for a vehicle that been sitting for while, before she took it out on the road.

Video: Watch a Loney Truck Sing the Blues

News Source: CNN