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Long Island Man Blows Up Car in Supermarket Parking Lot

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Long Island Man Blows Up Car in Supermarket Parking Lot

This driver just picked a whole bouquet of whoopsy-daisies

A Long Island man recently made the mistake of blowing his car up while attempting to rid it of bedbugs.

The good news? Those bedbugs are gone. The even better news? It was a rental.

The incident occurred Tuesday evening at around 5:00 pm in the parking lot outside of a King Kullen supermarket in Eastport, Long Island.

Bridgehampton resident Scott Kemery, 44, apparently had a bad case of the bedbugs in his rental vehicle (which he picked up in Florida), and was told by a friend that he could kill the insects with alcohol. After pouring some rubbing alcohol over the bugs, Kemery sat right down and calmly lit up his cigarette, with all of the hubristic swagger of a male model in a gasoline fight.

The car, of course, erupted into flames. Kemery escaped with first- and second-degree burns, right before his blazing rental car exploded, badly damaging the two vehicles parked next to it.

Remember kids: alcohol and cars don’t mix. Alcohol and cars and cigarettes, even less so. Add in some bedbugs, and you’ve got yourself one dangerous cocktail.

News Source: New York Post