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Looks Like Toyota C-HR Production Will Be a Thing

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Toyota C-HR production

Looks like Toyota C-HR production will be a thing

Remember the Toyota C-HR concept that debuted recently at the Paris Motor Show? We certainly do. From its vivid color to its sleek and stylish design, it was one concept that most definitely caught our attention. And now, it looks like Toyota C-HR production will be a thing for reals. The Japanese automaker wants to produce a model to compete with the funky-looking Nissan Juke, and the C-HR concept’s looks are sure to overshadow the frog-like Juke’s.

That is, if the C-HR’s unique looks make it to production, which, based on the way previous Toyota concepts have gone, is unlikely. The three-door hatchback subcompact SUV is likely to be offered in various shades of beige (and perhaps a daring dark blue or toned-down red) with more mainstream styling, which would certainly be a disappointment. But hopefully, Toyota will keep some of the looks of the concept model when it goes into production sometime in 2016.

Toyota C-HR production

Toyota C-HR production is coming in 2016

The concept version came with a new hybrid powertrain that’s rumored to be the same powertrain that will grace the next-gen Prius, and it’s possible it will be offered as an option in the Toyota C-HR production version as well as a gasoline or diesel engine. Rumor has it that the C-HR will launch after the Toyota RAV4‘s hybrid version, which will probably be a couple more years yet—plenty of time for Toyota to tone down the C-HR’s dynamic looks. And no word on whether or not Toyota C-HR production will even be a thing in the US. But here’s hoping!