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Love Drinking Coffee on the Go? Check Out the mojoeTM Travel Brewer

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MoJoe Product Travel Mug in Car
When you live a life on the go, it can be difficult to find the opportunity to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. Unless you have the time and money to spend at your nearest coffee chain every day, you’re probably limited to drinking the one cup of coffee you bring with you in the car. And it usually goes cold by the time you’re ready to drink it.

Instead of being limited to that one drink you’re forced to ration throughout the day, a Baltimore startup company had the clever idea to upgrade the basic travel mug design into a mobile coffee brewer. If the idea of making coffee on the go sounds like a genius idea that should’ve been conceived of a long time ago, you’ll be intrigued by mojoe™.

MoJoe Brewing Company is looking for supporters (and customers) who are also excited by the possibility of making coffee on the go to help raise funds for the production of mojoe™. Now through January 2016, you can join the mojoe™ campaign on Kickstarter to help fund this ingenious travel brewer.

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MoJoe Product Travel tea drink

Travel mugs that keep your drink warm are nothing new–ones with plug-in warming elements been available in stores and online for years. What sets mojoe™ apart is its ability to brew coffee on the go.

The MoJoe Brewing Company conceived of its patented VacDrip™ technology back in 2013 and has been committed to getting the idea implemented in travel drinkware and sold to consumers ever since.

VacDrip™ basically takes two coffee-brewing methods and combines them: the varying pressure system of a vacuum/siphon coffee brewer, and a drip brew system that pours water over the ground beans. The winning aspect of VacDrip is that it’s been configured into a mobile unit that you can drink from. The mug-sized mojoe™ travel brewer uses this technology to heat water and move it through coffee grounds supplied by the consumer.

While mojoe™ is marketed to coffee-drinking consumers–apparent in the product’s name–tea connoisseurs such as myself can still enjoy the water heating and reservoir brewing functions to make a hot cup of tea.

mojoe travel brewing mug Anatomy

Using the mojoe™ sounds simple based on the product’s description. Water of any temperature is added to a reservoir in the cup, and coffee is added to a refillable filter within it. Plug the mojoe™ in to an outlet, hold its single safety button for three seconds, and the device does the rest. An LED light will alert you when brewing is complete.

The water is heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit–a bit hotter than the standard 165-180 degrees of a hot cup of coffee as it’s usually served. Cream and sugar can be added to the brewing reservoir before running it.

Wrapped in a non-slip silicone grip, the mojoe™ is the size of the average travel mug that will fit neatly in your car’s cup holder: 3 inches wide and 11 inches tall. It’s crafted of 100% BPA-free plastic and divided into two sections: a water reservoir and brew reservoir. It can be powered via rechargable battery, car charger, or wall outlet.

A drawback is the amount of drinkable coffee produced. Consumers who are used to standard travel mugs which hold 16-ounce portions will need to get used to the 8.5-ounce serving size produced by a mojoe™.

MoJoe Product Travel Coffee Brewer

If the mojoe™ sounds like the solution to your daily drinking woes, remember to support its funding campaign on Kickstarter.

The basic pledge level is $79 and comes with the mobile brewing mug, a reusable filter, and a wall/car adapter, plus an extra $59 for an optional rechargeable battery set. Additional funding gets you more units. Stretch goals include a temperature sensor/display, travel bag, and extra filters. Because VacDrip™ and mojoe™ have been in development and early production for a while, delivery of backers’ mojoe™ units are scheduled for as early as May.

We look forward to taking a closer look at the mojoe™ once it’s available to the public so we can provide more details on its usage and taste.

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