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Lowe and Partners Replaces Rogue as Cadillac’s Adman

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Lowe and Partners Replaces Rogue as Cadillac’s Adman

Lowe and Partners replaces Rogue as Cadillac’s adman.

On Monday, we reported that it was likely that Cadillac would soon be replacing its ad agency, Rogue, with another company. The replacement came sooner than we expected, with Interpublic Group IPG’s Lowe and Partners Worldwide taking the helm of global advertising for the Cadillac brand. (Rogue was also an Interpublic Group brand, based in Minneapolis and responsible for Cadillac’s controversial “Poolside” ad.)

Lowe and Partners will take on Cadillac’s advertising immediately.

“Given the global scope of the Cadillac brand and business priorities, the decision is a natural evolution of our service model in support of this key client,” said Michael I. Roth, Chairman and CEO of Interpublic. “With the counsel and support of Cadillac management, we have recently assessed the state of our offering at this point in the relationship. The group of agencies we brought together a year ago were uniquely suited to Cadillac’s needs at that time. We believe this shift, to a single-source relationship with a global network, better aligns agency resources strategically, creatively and geographically with the current direction of Cadillac as a business.”

Lowe and Partners will provide dedicated teams in Cadillac’s hometown of Detroit, as well as another team in New York. The goal is to create an integrated marketing effort, not just for the U.S. but for the entire world.

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