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Lumbering Monster Time Warner Cable Adds 540 2015 Ford F-150s to Fleet

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Time Warner Cable Adds Ford F-150 to Fleet


If Americans were to recount a list of things that might be reasonably considered banes of their existence, it’s a fair bet that cable and internet service providers would appear pretty consistently. But worry not! Now, if you’re a customer of Time Warner Cable, you can rest assured that when you’re waiting in a 6-hour window for somebody to show up and help restore your broken Wi-Fi connection, you’ll at least eventually be greeted by the sight of a new 2015 Ford F-150. It’s the little things.

Ford announced that it has added TWC to the list of companies who have purchased mass quantities of the 2015 F-150. The cable/internet/evil giant is adding 540 F-150s to its fleet in order to promote sustainability.

Video: TWC Updates its Fleet with 540 New F-150s

“Time Warner Cable is committed to reducing our impact on the environment,” said George Survant, senior director, Fleet Management, Time Warner Cable. “The Ford F-150 is another way to help us achieve our sustainability goals. Energy and fuel efficiency are very important to us as we continue our efforts to ensure the TWC fleet is environmentally friendly.”

Time Warner Cable Adds Ford F-150 to Fleet

“I’m here for our 3 pm Tuesday appointment. Oh, you mean it’s Friday? Whoops!”

It’s estimated that adding the 540 F-150s to a fleet already consisting of 400 Ford Transit diesel vans and 200 Transit Connect vans will help TWC reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 2,900 tons.

The addition of the F-150s, which will be used to transport equipment for installation and servicing its numerous commercial and private customers, will also help lower operating costs. Because if there’s anything that a company charging $50 a month for Internet services roughly a third slower than anything you’d find in Japan or Korea needs to focus on, it’s finding ways to improve their profit margin.

Maybe they can kick some of that money that the new F-150s save the company into more efficient customer and product services and improving the quality of its hahahahahahahaha that’s hilarious.