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Lynda Alsip Gets Her 1967 Mustang Back 28 Years After It Was Stolen

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Lynda Alsip

Lynda Alsip’s 1967 Mustang
NBC Bay Area

Call it fortuitous timing if you’d like, but this story seems like nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Back in 1986, Lynda Alsip left her home in Salinas, California for a weekend away with friends. When she returned, something major was missing—her 1967 Mustang, which she bought for a mere $500 in 1985.

28 years went by, and Alsip’s hope of ever seeing her pony again dwindled down to a faint flicker. That is, until they were reignited last Monday when she was at long last reunited with her estranged ‘stang.

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According to Allison Gatlin of The Salinas Californian, the “pea-green” Mustang never actually left Salinas—or, at least, that would seem to be the case. California Highway Patrol Officer Christopher Menchen happened upon Lynda Alsip’s wayward Mustang when a man attempted to register it with the California DMV in September.

The man was not the perpetrator of the decades-old crime, however. He bought the Mustang in 1991 for restoration and had only just gotten around to registering it this year after making some remodeling.

The ’67 Mustang isn’t in drivable condition, but Alsip believes that the task of getting it back on the road again is well within the reach of her son and husband, Montgomery. Good man that he is, Montgomery fitted his wife’s Mustang with the vanity plates she had purchased almost 30 years ago and never got a chance to use. They read “LYNDA 67.”

Lynda Alsip

Now that she’s gotten it back, Lynda Alsip has no plans to let her 1967 Mustang go, even if she can fetch a pretty penny for it. Rather, she plans to get it back up to speed.

“I’m sure I’m probably going to cry a bit in my first drive in it. But it’s going to be exhilarating,” Alsip said. “And I pray to God I don’t get a ticket in it my first drive in it because I’m probably going to want to go just a little fast.”

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News Source: The Salinas Californian, NBC Bay Area

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