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Mad Love: Two Fury Road Stunt Doubles Married After Meeting on Set

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Dayna and Dane Grant, who doubled for Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, respectively

Dayna and Dane Grant, who doubled for Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, respectively
Photo credit: Twitter

Sing to the tune of John Cougar Mellancamp’s “Jack and Diane”:

Little ditty, ’bout Dane and Daynaaaa/

Two stunt doubling kids filming in Namibia/

Dayna gonna fill in for a big movie staaaaaaar/

Dane doin’ the same thing, but strapped to the front of a car/


Ooh yeah, they say that life goes on/

Long after the thrill of crashing big rigs is gone/

Ooh yeah, they say life goes on/

Long after the filming of Mad Max is done/

According to a lovely story in The Telegraph, the stunt doubles for Mad Max: Fury Road co-stars Tom Hardy (who played “Mad” Max Rockatansky) and Charlize Theron (Imperator Furiosa) actually fell in love while filming in the Namibian desert.

37-year-old South African stunt double Dane Grant didn’t show up to training camp looking for love, but that’s exactly what he found when he met Dayna, a 39-year-old New Zealander whose past credits include doubling for Lucy Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess and for Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman.

“I remember that first day meeting her in the stunt rehearsal gym,” Dane said of Dayna. “She stood out for all the right reasons.

“Every time we get to work together is a blast, but none more so than the initial fight rehearsal,” Dane explained. “In the film, it’s the first time Max meets Furiousa, and they fight it out with a sequence that [the] fight choreographer had us training non-stop for weeks.”

Punching each other over and over proved to be the romantic spark that got Dane and Dayna going. And although the Fury Road shoot was originally scheduled to last only a month, it ended up stretching from May to December of 2012, giving the two lovebirds time for their relationship to grow.

Today, Dane and Dayna are married and raising a 14-month-old son.

“Dayna and I had a lot in common with those two characters, meeting for the first time, learning to trust each other under stressful conditions,” said Dane, “pretty much just get on with what you’re supposed to while on a mission through the desert with a bunch of weirdly dressed post-apocalyptic characters everywhere you look.”

It’s hard to think of a more romantic setting than that.

News Source: The Telegraph