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Mad Max Video Game Promoted With Awesome Go-Kart Chase

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Mad Max go kart video

The excellent Mario Kart/Mad Max mash-up video from May gave us a pretty good idea of what Mad Max: Fury Road would look like if it was even crazier (i.e., featured bananas and blue shells).

Now, another fan film is showing us what the blockbuster action movie would have looked like if they literally used karts.

All of the crazy post-apocalyptic gas guzzlers from Fury Road have been replaced with go-karts (the V8 Interceptor kart is particularly adorable), with a Ram 2500 pickup filling in for the tanker truck.

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Take a look:

Shot over the course of two days at Jenk Star Ranch in the central Utah desert, the video is actually a promotion for the upcoming Mad Max video game, which can be pre-ordered now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Each character in the short film is based on a character from the game, rather than the movie itself. Still, there are a lot of similarities between the two—like the fact that both come with their own behind-the-scenes video (below).

No word on whether or not a couple of the stunt performers fell in love on set, like two did during the making of Fury Road, although there’s a moment at the 5:10 mark that implies such a romance may have actually blossomed.

Behind the scenes video:

Boy, sure looks like a lot of fun. This gang put together a great little tribute to Mad Max: Fury Road, and they should—wait, did the director just say he hasn’t seen the movie?!?!

Yes, yes he did: at the 12:56 mark, he clearly says, “I’ve actually never watched the movie, so [the video game] was kind of a fresh inspiration.”

what the hell gif

Good Lord… Somebody buy this man the Blu-Ray.