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Maddie Chevy Commercial Tugs at Heartstrings

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Maddie Chevy Commercial

The Maddie Chevy commercial tugs at your heart strings.

Chevy has released its newest commercial, “Maddie,” and you better prepare for tears. If you think the recent Super Bowl Budweiser commercial (which features a puppy and his best friend—the Clydesdale) captured your heart, wait until you see what the bowtie brand has cooked up in the Maddie Chevy commercial.

The commercial, created by The Herd Films and Lloyd Lee Choi, perfectly captures a lifetime of love between a girl and her dog. The dog, Maddie, is with the girl as she grows up, by her side through all of life’s challenges and triumphs: graduating, breaking up with boyfriends, and even learning to drive a car. (The commercial couldn’t be completely devoid of a car, now could it?)

Like the girl’s Chevy, Maddie is there with her along every step of the way. Chevy has wonderfully tugged at every dog lover’s heartstrings with this one. In fact, the brand has been killing it with emotional ads lately, following their Super Bowl cancer awareness ad, which encouraged 1 million plus social media users to go purple to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Be sure to check out the heartwarming commercial below, but you’ve been warned: have a tissue ready.