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Magnus Walker Porsches Immortalized in New Hot Wheels Cars

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Magnus Walker Porsche series from Hot Wheels

Magnus Walker and Hot Wheels unveil special Porsche replicas
Photo: Hot Wheels

Over the years, Hot Wheels has released some clever and wildly original car designs (including one shaped like a shark). As ingenious as these creations are, the true test of small-scale engineering comes not from creating something completely new but instead replicating the form and details of a real car–at 1/64 the size.

To deliver fans with die-cast replicas of their more vehicles, Hot Wheels has forged a partnership with Urban Outlaw’s Magnus Walker, famed Porsche enthusiast and restorer. This cooperative effort is resulting in a new collection of die-cast cars modeled after famous Porshes.

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Magnus Walker of Urban Outlaw & Hot Wheels Designer Jun Imai

Magnus Walker of Urban Outlaw & Hot Wheels Designer Jun Imai
Photo: Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels knows that a car isn’t just a functional machine, but a piece of art with its own fashion and appeal. That’s why the die-cast car company launched its Premium Car Culture Assortment, which is releasing classic vehicles in four different categories: Japan Historics, Euro Style, Track Day, and Trucks. The aim of this collection is to make the 1:64 scale replicas as realistic as possible to appeal to adult collectors.

Three Porsche models are being included in the Premium Car Culture Assortment, which are benefiting from the design input of Magnus Walker, brand collector and expert. The designs are modeled after his own collection of Porsches.

A Porsche 911 GT3 RS will be included in the second wave of Car Culture units called “Euro Style,” which will be on shelves in July. Following that will be two models–a Porsche 964 and a 1978 Porsche 935–which will be included in the “Track Day” series arriving in November. Each will retail for $3.99. A basic 1956 Porsche 356A car is already available in Hot Wheels’ basic line to introduce younger customers to the brand’s timeless appeal. You can find that one on the shelf for $1.09 MSRP.

For those of us who will never own a Porsche, Hot Wheels and Magnus Walker have provided a valuable opportunity to own a pocket-sized piece of automotive history.

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