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Make Road Trips a Priority in 2017

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road_trip_bingoWith the days ticking down until 2016 is (finally) over, many people are considering what their goals and resolutions will be for 2017. If you are in possession of, or have access to, a reliable car, we here at The News Wheel hope you will consider a road trip.

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Granted, our team all has strong ties to Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation,* so I would say most of us are at least somewhat partial to air travel when it’s in the budget. However, no matter how much you like the speed of air travel, it can be pretty stressful. Is your suitcase light enough, and is there space to bring what you need or want to back home? Did you remember to put all of the liquids in your carry on in a plastic bag? Is there a water bottle fill station on the other side of security, or do you have to break down and buy one from the newsstand?

This year, I upgraded my ride from a 2002 model year car to a 2015. Besides all of the fancy buttons and shiny exterior, I gained a car I felt like I could rely upon for the first time in a few years. Not only that, but if the worst did happen, I had a warranty to back me up. It was finally time to hit the road for a longer trip. On my first longer drive, I made the trek from Western Ohio to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia for a music festival. Along the way, I found a cool antique store just before the Ohio border, unique diners, and a stereotypical roadside attraction, Virginia’s Dinosaur Land.** I even managed to unexpectedly stumble into Maryland somehow. Besides the places I stopped, I was in constant awe of the changing terrain along my trip and amazing views. Getting to Virginia was no longer something I just had to get over and done with but another part of my vacation experience.

I will send my velociraptor after you. #latergram #DinosaurLand

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If you’re looking to stop and smell the roses in 2017, consider taking a road trip. It doesn’t have to be to a far-away locale, because even the shortest of cruises can be made special with a pit stop for a meal or a scenic rest. it could make your travel time so much better, and no matter where you decide to go, you can keep all of your liquids with you in the cabin — regardless of their size.

*We’re ready for your whiny comebacks, North Carolina.

** Yes it was just as tacky and wonderful as you would hope.

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