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Man Arrested For Drunk Driving on a Lawnmower

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Drunk driving lawnmower

There’s no room for the beer or anything!

Here at The News Wheel, we hear our fair share of ludicrous automotive news stories. And among these stories are a surprising number of reports of drunk people driving lawnmowers and getting arrested by police. You’d think that common sense would tell you that driving any vehicle drunk is a bad idea, but apparently the world is unaware of the dangers of drunk lawn mowing, as a man in Nova Scotia, Canada, was recently arrested for doing just that.

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The 53-year-old man from Bridgewater was driving his lawn mower around a mall parking lot when mall security noticed him and called the police. He reportedly drove to the NSLC (Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation) outlet, where he presumably stocked up on his drinks for the day, and was driving along the sidewalk by a Wendy’s when police caught up with him. Police noticed the rogue lawnmower driver appeared to be under the influence, and tried to arrest him, but he allegedly resisted.

The Novia Scotia man joins the ranks of country legend George Jones, and multiple offender Steve in the drunk lawnmower driving hall of fame.

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News Source: CBC News