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Man Attempts to Become Hero by Disabling Red Light Cameras

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Traffic Camera Bans

Poor Stephen Ruth. The Long Island, New York man recently uploaded two videos to social media to show his gutsy strategy to keep red light cameras from issuing tickets. In the videos, he said  he is doing this for the sake of hard-working Americans who get caught by these cameras, and he shares the videos so that others can carry on the fight. For his heroism, he has been rewarded by being arrested by local authorities.

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Ruth shot the video on his phone (vertically, of course) and posted it on August 21st and 23rd. He told his viewers how to disable a red light camera using two tools. Since no one from The News Wheel would like to end up in jail, all we’ll say is that one thing you need is a healthy dose of gumption.

According to PIX11 in New York, the video was viewed over 200,000 times before it was taken down. At least some of those viewers were police officers, and Stephen Ruth was arrested on Tuesday. He has been charged with four counts of criminal tampering, because the police believe that he “adjusted” four cameras before he was caught.

In one of the videos, Ruth said that he has been a victim of these cameras many times. It is enough to make us wonder if he was purely motivated by service to others or if he was also tired of paying his tickets.

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Source: PIX11