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Man Attempts to Travel Through Time, Just Travels Through Storefronts

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Back to the Future DeLorean DMC 88 mph

Just imagine the sparks are office furniture

Somebody should have told this guy that he needed to install a flux capacitor first.

In a strip mall in Pensacola, Florida, two businesses will temporarily have to relocate their offices after a man ran through a traffic light and drove his car through the storefront of Advance Tax Services, smashing his way all the way to the rear of the building. The car caused structural damage to the building and demolished the office space, strewing the area with boards, insulation, smashed desk chairs, and computers.

The driver was uninjured, but when police pulled him from the wreckage, he told police that he was trying to travel through time. Unsurprisingly, police took the driver to the hospital for evaluation.

No word yet on whether or not the man had an accomplice, possibly dressed in an orange vest and jeans.

We have to wonder, though: did the man try and fail to travel through time starting at the light, smashing through the strip mall? Or did the man succeed in travelling back in time, ending up in our time in front of the stoplight and going at high speed, trusting in his future car’s advanced safety technology to avert a crash?

News Sources: News 3 LV, Florida Today