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Man Born Without Limbs Drives Car for the First Time

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Nick Vujicic behind the wheel of a car for the first time Vujicic and friends as he prepares to drive  Photo: TLC

Nick Vujicic behind the wheel of a car for the first time
Photo: TLC

When you’re 16 years old, you can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a car. Driving on the open road creates a sense of freedom. However, as we get older and obtain more responsibilities, driving becomes more of a chore. We aren’t too often enthusiastic about driving places, but rather have to drive places instead. On our way to work, we get stuck in morning traffic, and we face a similar situation on our way home during rush-hour traffic.

Driving is an ability we have come to take for granted. Some people are unable to drive due to their situation or condition. Nick Vujicic appeared to be someone who would never be able to drive. He was born without any arms or legs.

However, through determination and faith, Vujicic was recently able to drive a car for the very first time.

Vujicic’s triumphant experience was caught on film during a one-hour TLC special, “Born Without Limbs.” The documentary aired on June 17th and discussed the life of the 32-year-old motivational speaker.

Vujicic and friends as he prepares to drive  Photo: TLC

Vujicic and friends as he prepares to drive
Photo: TLC

Vujicic was born with a condition known as tetra-amelia syndrome. The syndrome left him with no limbs. From a young age, Vujicic learned to accomplish many tasks without limbs, even without the aid of prosthetics. Growing up in Australia, Vujicic faced not only the difficulties of his medical condition, but a feeling of loneliness and isolation as well.

During this time, Vujicic turned to God and found inspiration. The motivational speaker credits his amazing accomplishments to his faith.

Vujicic soon began traveling around and speaking to others about his experiences. It didn’t take long at all before he founded a nonprofit organization called Life Without Limbs, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

When Vujicic moved to America, he met his wife Kanae. The couple have a two-year-old son named Kiyoshi.

Vujicic with his wife Kanae  Photo: TLC

Vujicic with his wife Kanae
Photo: TLC

During his life, Vujicic has been able to accomplish many tasks some believed would be impossible for him to do. These include golfing, shooting hoops, swimming, and even surfing.

However, one task he had always wished to accomplish was driving. A group of engineers worked to make Vujicic’s dream a reality. The team assembled several different methods that could potentially allow Vujicic to drive. Some of the methods were not successful, and Vujicic expressed concern that the task might not be possible at the moment.

However, one of the technologies, which used prosthetics and mouth-based handling, was a perfect fit. Using it, Vujicic was able to drive down the block.

Driving is just the latest achievement for this amazing individual. Vujicic has traveled to 58 countries and spoken to over 6 million people. Vujicic has made it his life’s mission to inspire determination and faith in others.

“If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart,” Vujicic says on the Life Without Limbs website.

Vujicic has undoubtedly touched the lives of countless numbers of people with his inspirational story.

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