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Man Chokes Fiancée Because She Likes IndyCar Better than NASCAR

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He might be crazy, but at least he has his convictions

David Wilson, 57, was arrested for strangling his wife for liking IndyCar more than NASCAR

David Wilson, 57, was arrested for strangling his wife for liking IndyCar more than NASCAR
Photo: Fox 59

Motorsports preferences can make or break a relationship—at least for some couples who value passion and maybe insanity too. FOX 59 is reporting that a man from Franklin, Indiana, named David Wilson, was arrested for choking his wife because she thought that IndyCar was better than NASCAR. (To Wilson’s credit, she was wrong.)

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The arrest was made Sunday evening after the couple spent the day drinking and watching some good old American racing. (They likely did not, however, watch Hamilton screw up at Monaco in the morning because ‘Murican racing is all that matters.) Reportedly, Wilson, 57, was in the kitchen cooking up something nice for supper while his wife watched the Indy 500 in the living room. But apparently the sobering dinner was just a little too late, because before Wilson got some food in him to settle him down, he stumbled into the living room and rambled on about how much better NASCAR was than Indy, something that his wife could not agree to.

Then, because it was the only logical thing to do, Wilson began to choke his wife. That’ll teach her to like IndyCar more than NASCAR.

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Naturally, his wife dialed 911, but when Wilson realized she’d called the police, he took the phone from her and told the dispatchers, “Everything is fine here,” and hung up. Police still paid them a visit anyway. They could not actually find signs of strangulation on the wife, and Wilson said he had never choked her. He also complained to police that no one would help him with his chores, gosh darnit.

Police arrested Wilson anyway, on allegations of domestic battery and strangulation.

Boogity, boogity, boogity—let’s go racin’, boys!

News Source: Fox 59

  • Dave Thompson

    Jeez. Make what you will of it. The right will blame the left and the left will blame the right, eventually.

  • Max Persian

    There is a Kurt Busch joke in here somewhere…

    Also, the argument is invalid. For the enlightened few who know, the Australians have a better racing series than both IndyCar and NASCAR. It’s called V8 Supercars, and it is amazing. Everyone already knows that Australians are crazy people, ready for a swim in a croc-infested billabong, so put a bunch of them behind the wheels of powerful cars and complete madness ensues. I enjoy both IndyCar and NASCAR (and also Formula One and Sports Car/Endurance racing, for that matter), but the race I most want to see before I die is the Bathurst 1000 hands down. Racing doesn’t get any better.